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Welcome, and thank you for choosing Tigers Driving School for your driving needs. Learning to drive can be stressful, why should the paperwork have to be as well? Not to worry we take care of it all, including the vision test. For your convenience, when signing up for lessons, we will email a checklist of items needed to get started.  Please take your time and read through it carefully! Missing information, white out, or crossed out information will result in DMV returning the paperwork, therefore causing a delay. Please remember this is a first come first serve process.     Let’s begin. First, decide which package best suits the students’ needs. See below for different options to choose from. NJ requires 6 hours of behind the wheel lessons for 16-year-olds. Some students may be more anxious than others. Some may have a unique way of comprehending information and some may not as excited about getting behind the wheel. In these cases, we offer more time friendly options. All lessons are done in 3 day, 2-hour increments. Student must complete the 6-hour instruction before being eligible to take the road test when they are 17 years of age. 

$429 - 6 Hours
16 Year Old 
16 Year Old

$544 - 8 Hours
16 Year Old
$680 - 10 Hours
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