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Services Offered 

16 Year Old
17 Year Old - Adult
Road Test Rental 

 We offer 2-10 hour lessons for students that already have their permit, but aren't quite ready to hit the roads yet. We primarily focus on areas of driving that the student struggles with.  Lessons are done in 2 hour increments.


2 hours $136

4 hours $272

6 hours $408

8 hours $544

10 hours $680


We offer our cars to take your road test in at Randolph NJMVC.


Our cars are equipped with a brake in the middle. This is required by MVC.


A licensed Instructor will meet the student at the Randolph NJMVC 15 minutes prior to the road test. 


Written Knowledge Test


Brush Up


We offer a 30-minute road test review in the Hackettstown area. Parallel parking, K-turns and backing up without the camera are our main focus. Students will be given a checklist of documents needed for the exam.


Tigers Driving School offers the knowledge test for our 16 year old students. In some cases a student will turn 16 earlier in the school year, but not have drivers education class until later in the year. Why wait? come take your written test with us locally. 

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